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The National Curriculum runs on a two year cycle due to our split year group classes. The links below give an overview of the coverage of the New National Curriculum.


Enquiry based learning is the basis for how many areas of the curriculum are taught and many subjects are linked through a range of cross curricular opportunities. Termly topic areas are planned for and these enable the cross curricular links to take place so that pupils do not see subjects in isolation.


Find out about our Year 3/4 curriculum:

Year 3 / 4 Cycle A

Year 3 / 4 Cycle B

Year 3/4:


October 2018

We really enjoyed learning how to stitch together our pin cushions.


October 2018

Today we played a connect four game to revisit all the skills we had learnt so far in maths to do with place value.

November 2018

Today the whole school participated in a star jump competition.

The winner from each year group was the person that could do the most star jumps in 30 seconds.


Everyone was exhausted!

November 2018

This week we have been looking at Kennings poems.

We chose a rainforest animal to write some clues about, using either a noun and a verb or a noun and a noun, to see if anyone could guess our animal.

November 2018


This week we performed our class assembly. We have all been working so hard this term, learning lots of interesting facts about the rainforest and producing some fantastic artwork and models. It was lovely being able to share all our work with the rest of the school and our families.

December 2018


This week we have enjoyed looking at multiplication and division. We have used practical resources to help us share into groups equally, this way we can see how it works.

December 2018


This week we have finished writing our non-chronological reports. In computing we used the IPads to research information about rainforest animals. We did this so we could use factual information and language in our reports.