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The Governing Body:

Mrs J. Stringer




Chair of Governors

Community Governor

I am a solicitor and a partner in a practice in Romford. I first came into contact with the school when my niece and nephew attended. They have moved on to secondary school now. I also had a sister who worked as a Teaching Assistant within the school but she has now retired.


I am currently the Chair of Governors.


I work closely with the Head Teacher and together with the Governing Body we are responsible for holding the school to account and ensuring the children are given the best education we can provide.  


I also undertake work in the following areas:


Pupil Perception: I carry out surveys of how the school is perceived by the pupils.


Pupil Disciplinary and Staff Disciplinary Appeals: If the occasion arises, I would be a member of the committee dealing with these issues.


Safeguarding: I monitor with the issues that arise in this area as an extra layer of protection for children and staff.


Mrs J. Wilson







Vice Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

My name is Julie Wilson. I am a Parent Governor and Vice Chairman of the School Governing Body. I am a qualified solicitor and Partner in a London Law firm acting for large corporate and insurer clients. I look after a large team of people as well as being responsible for the training and development of our trainee solicitors in our southern offices.  I am proud to be part of our special and unique school and along with my fellow governors I am committed to ensure the best opportunities and level of education is available to all of our children. In my spare time I love to spend time with my husband and daughter sailing, cooking and baking cakes or simply watching family movies with a big bowl of popcorn.

Mrs M. O’Regan










I have been teaching in Essex for 25 years and enjoying being headteacher of Margaretting Primary school. I have taught in all the Key Stages and enjoying teaching the children RE as it gives me a chance to get to know them as learners. I enjoy developing relationships with parents and Governors and when everybody works together it creates a successful community. I appreciate the Governors working voluntarily to support the school and thank them for their constant hard work and commitment.

Miss M. Bryan








Staff Governor

I have been a teacher for six years and thoroughly enjoy my role as Year 5/6 class teacher and Senior Teacher. I am passionate about making lessons engaging for the children and helping them make progress. I am keen to represent the staff at governing body meetings and alongside the other governors, strive to make the school the best it can possibly be!

Mrs C. Elliott







Parent Governor

My name is Catherine Elliott and I became a Parent Governor in December 2015. I have a daughter in Year 6.  I spend a lot of time in school volunteering with listening to the children read and helping with the PTFA. This leads me to be able to see the children regularly and I feel that the children all know me well.  My role within the Governing body is the Training Link Governor. I feel privileged to be part of our schools Governing Body and enjoy working alongside everyone to support the school to become the best that it can be.

Mrs S. Monger







Parent Governor

My name is Sue Monger. I have been a Parent Governor since December 2013 and play an active part in school life. I am in school a considerable amount due to being on the PTFA and working in the office. This allows me a rare insight into school life, relationships and how the children behave and feel during the school day. Alongside this, my areas of responsibility on the Governing board are English, Maths and Science. I have carried out health and safety inspections and monitored fire drills and safety in the school generally. I see my main role as one that will help to move the school forward and improve standards in any way that I can. I consider myself lucky to be part of a governing board that is supportive of each other and the Head Teacher. I have two children in School in years 3 and 5.