Welcome to Margaretting Church of England Primary School

Year 1/2:

The new National Curriculum will run on a two year cycle due to our split year group classes. The links below give an overview of the coverage of the New National Curriculum.

Enquiry based learning is the basis for how many areas of the curriculum are taught and many subjects are linked through a range of cross curricular opportunities. Termly topic areas are planned for and these enable the cross curricular links to take place so that pupils do not see subjects in isolation.

Reading is developed using the ‘letters and sounds’  programme. Pupils all have a daily session to develop these skills.

Find out about our Year 1/2 curriculum:


Year 1/2 Cycle A

Year 1/2 Cycle B


October 2017

Looking at suitable building materials for houses in the Three Little Pigs in Science.

December 2017

Making Christmas shapes from nets.

January 2018

Today we met a vet!  We learnt lots about animals.

January 2018

Sorting animals.

March 2018

We learnt to make sandwiches while investigated fractions in maths.

March 2018

We enjoy learning about fractions!

It’s a baby!

Our Nativity play 2017

March 2018

We had an amazing day learning lots of new things during our Forest Schools outing.  

March 2018

We painted Easter Chick Cards....

Happy Easter everyone!

March 2018

We learnt about measuring by making chocolate nests in maths.