Welcome to Margaretting Church of England Primary School

Policies: (Please note that policies are currently in the process of being updated)

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Behaviour Policy:

As a small community school, we have insight into the background of all our children. The staff are very caring and pay great attention to the welfare and well being of all our charges. Values, standards and attitudes of the school community are made clear to the children by example and discussion so that they are absorbed by them and made their own. Great emphasis is placed on the issues set out in the school 'Code of Conduct.' Click here to see our Behaviour Policy.

Our Code of Conduct:

- Take responsibility for your actions.

- Respect property belonging to others, the school and the wider community.

- Always try your best.

- Be honest, polite and considerate to everyone thinking about what you say and how you say it.

- Move around school considerately and safely.

- Follow agreed lunchtime and playground rules before, during and after school.

- Be kind to others and include them whenever you can

Sex and Drugs Education Policy:

Both of these areas of the curriculum are taught in school and are linked to the Science and Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from aspects of Sex Education that occur outside the Programmes of Study for Science and PSHE. We always notify parents when sensitive areas are being taught which is within Years 5/6. Parents are welcome to come and talk to the teachers and view materials used. Governors have been actively involved with the development of these programmes and have monitored sessions given in school lessons. Click here to see our Sex and Drugs Education Policy.

Collective Worship Policy:

We hold daily assemblies and every term, we also hold class assemblies where parents are welcome. As we are a Church of England School, themes for collective workshop are of a Christian Nature or based on a range of Christian values.  Parents have a right to withdraw their children from this act of worship should they feel it is inappropriate for them. Parents also have the opportunity to withdraw their child from RE lessons, the child will be supervised separately. Click here to see our Collective Worship Policy.